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What is Green Building

Green building focuses on applying technologies, along with common sense, to help improve the living environment and make it more efficient by using sustainable materials and alternative energy systems. Green construction incorporates energy conservation and efficiency as well as the use of natural dynamics, recycled and non-allergenic materials.

Benefits of Green Building

Green building offers reduced environmental impact and lower operating costs while increasing comfort. Green homes are built stronger, require less maintenance and minimize chemicals, mold and other harmful substances. In addition, these homes generally can return higher resale values.

Elements of Green Building

Green construction utilizes technologies and materials that may include recycled and sustainable materials, low energy lighting, energy star appliances, programmable thermostats, high-quality mechanical systems and high performance ventilation, water-efficient plumbing fixtures, high efficiency insulation, insulated and low-e windows, architectural details such as extended roof overhangs for shade, low VOC paints, stains and adhesives.