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Value and Quality
Homes of equal cost are not always of equal value. True value means selecting the best craftsmen and materials at reasonable prices. Fox Builders has strong relationships with suppliers and talented craftsmen and a network for sourcing unique products and materials. Our goal is for homeowners to appreciate their home more as time passes. This is the true meaning of quality.

Architectural Interpretation
Fox Builders enjoys working relationships with many of the area's leading architects and is experienced in reviewing and interpreting architectural documents. This expertise is crucial to decision making throughout the project. We stay true to the architectural integrity of the project and ensure that the vision of both the client and architect are fully realized.

Fox Builders promotes sustainable building practices utilizing renewable energy technologies and materials wherever possible. We are committed to building environmentally conscious homes of exceptional craftmanship and quality that will last a lifetime.

Individual Attention
Fox Builders limits the number of projects it undertakes. Austin Fox is personally committed to being on site each day to ensure the high standards he expects and his clients deserve because he believes the level of personal involvement is critical. Through our constant effort to guide the building process, we are able to provide a positive and enjoyable experience resulting in a home of lasting value.